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About BOLT?

BOLT Insurance Agency started as a better way for Individual as well as Small Business Owners to choose and buy their insurance by using the unique BOLT Insurance platform as a wholesaler in the insurance industry. The success of the BOLT Insurance Platform has produced customer ratings that place BOLT in the top 1% of all US businesses. BOLT's mission is to protect automobile owners, property owners, and small business owners from the risks they face every single day, including the hidden risks by delivering best in class insurance products and service to protect you.

  • BOLT has been saving consumers money on insurance for over a decade by comparing major carriers side-by-side and providing a choice.

  • Our agents are knowlwdgeable and licensed in all 50 states.

  • Our in-house service team means you work with BOLT if you want to make any changes to your policy.

  • We put you first; we'll work with you on finding the right policy with the right coverage at the right price.

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Auto Insurance Solutions
Car - Auto Insurance

Not only is driving without insurance illegal in most states, it can put you at significant financial risk. Having adequate insurance coverage will prevent you from financial wreck, should you be involved in an accident or incur vehicle damages.

Motorcycle Insurance

If you own a motorcycle for personal use, motorcycle insurance protects you and your bike. Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability motorcycle coverage are required by law.

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Auto Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

ATV Insurance

Boat Insurance

Jet Ski Insurance

RV Insurance

Classic Car Insurance

Home Insurance Solutions
Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance, also called hazard insurance or home insurance, is designed to protect the homeowner against certain named perils. Most homeowner insurance policies come with a deductible and exclusions. A standard homeowners insurance polity covers losses occurring to one’s home as well as the contents of the home.

Condo Insurance

Condominium owners have distinctive insurance needs when compared to those of homeowners or renters. Although condo associations have their own insurance policies, these condo insurance policies typically only provide coverage for the building, the property’s common areas, and the association’s liability. Consequently, condo owners should conside a separate insurance policy that protects the inside of their condo.

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Homeowners Insurance

Condominium Insurance

Renters Insurance

Mobile Home Insurance

Flood Insurance

Earthquake Insurance

Umbrella Pet Insurance

Business Insurance Solutions
General Liability and Business Property Insurance

What is General Liability and Business Property?

This type of insurance combines general liability and business property insurance for your business. General Liability and Business Property insurance is a way for small businesses to purchase a combination of coverages at a reasonable price. This insurance covers certain losses resulting from property damage, suspended operations and liability resulting from bodily injury or property damage to others.

Heightened Consumer Confidence Can Lead to Additional Business at Small Retailers

As consumers begin to show more confidence in the economy, small U.S. retailers are likely to see higher sales levels in the near future. But in order for sales to rise, these businesses will need to have more customers frequent their stores. While every small business owner wants more sales, additional customers on the property can lead to greater risk, which is why general liability insurance policies need to be revisited before sales growth.

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Accounting & Finance

Architecture & Engineering

Business & Management Consulting

Cleaning & Janitorial

Construction & Constractor

Health Care

Information Technology



Pet Care

Photography & Videography

Printing & Copying

Restaurant & Food Services



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