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Explore the many ways an IUL insurance policy can help you protect your family.

The Benefits of Owning an IUL Policy

A truly flexible option, Typical IUL Insurance provides the death benefit associated with traditional life insurance plus the potential for policy value accumulation.

  • Federal income tax-free death benefit.

  • Policy value accumulation potential with basic interest account and index account options.

  • Guaranteed minimum interest rate, or “floor,” brings safety through guarantees. 1

  • Tax benefits including tax-free loans and withdrawals, tax deferral on any earnings, and tax-free transfers between account options. 2

1 Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the insurance company.


2 Loans, withdrawals, and death benefit accelerations will reduce the policy value and death benefit. Provided the policy is not and does not become a modified endowment contract (MEC), 1) withdrawals are tax-free to the extent that they do not exceed the policy basis (generally, premiums paid less withdrawals) and 2) policy loans are tax free as long as the policy remains in force. If the policy is surrendered or lapses, the amount of the policy loan will be considered a distribution from the policy and will be taxable to the extent that such loan plus other distributions at that time exceed the policy basis.